What patients are saying about the Integrative Gynecology practice of Bronwyn Fitz. MD.

“We need more doctors like Dr Fitz”

I have been a medical practitioner for 15 years and have worked with and referred to a handful of functional medicine doctors. I was introduced to Dr Fitz through a fertility client of mine. After seeing her approach with my client, I reached out to Dr Fitz. She is now the functional medicine doctor I see personally and the one I recommend my female clients to see. I love that she knows female physiology and hormones inside and out, understands how to shift diet to positively impact healing, thoughtfully recommends supplements and medications all the while having a compassionate and caring bedside manner.

As a practitioner, she is easy to cotreat clients with. And as a patient, she’s wonderful in guiding you to feel in control of your health. We need more doctors like Dr Fitz.

Aimee R.

“One of the best and my go to doctor for myself and my patients”

Dr. Fitz is an exceptional functional medicine doctor. She is not only well trained in functional medicine she is thorough, responsive and a pleasure to work with. She is truly sensitive to the patient’s needs and works hard to find solutions to the patient’s issues and complaints. I was so impressed with the time and effort she took to do a thorough analysis of my history, life style practices, values and overall health goals to come up with a plan that would work for me. 

I have worked personally and professionally the last 20 years in the field of integrative medicine and I have found that Dr. Fitz to be one of the best and my go to doctor for myself and my patients for a variety of health issues. She has helped me and others cure stubborn health issues that other traditional doctors were unable to successfully treat. She is incredibly responsive with any questions I might have and quick to provide me with a treatment plan. I wish there were more doctors who practiced like her with the same professionalism, kindness, thoroughness and desire to find solutions to health issues.

Women’s Integrative Health Patient

“Her integrative approach offers me natural solutions”

I started working with Dr. Fitz just as I was entering peri-menopause. Dr. Fitz is able to explain all of the science behind the changes I am experiencing in my body, while offering a compassionate and wholistic assessment of my health. Her integrative approach offers me natural solutions not only for my health care needs, but she encourages me in developing and maintaining healthy life style habits related to stress, aging and how to balance things at this stage of my life. Dr. Fitz is caring, communicative, and responds in a timely fashion. I always feel listened to and respected.

H. K.

“I am grateful to see a doctor who spends the time and listens”

Women’s Integrative Health Patient

“She offers the best of both worlds”

Dr. Fitz is a knowledgeable, compassionate medical professional. Her many years of experience in traditional and natural healing in women’s healthcare make her well suited to care for women in a holistic practice. She offers the best of both worlds.

Women’s Integrative Health Patient