Integrative and Functional Medicine Consult

This 2-hour consultation provides a “deep dive” into your current state of health. It identifies the root cause of your current symptoms or simply optimizes health and your ability to thrive in the future.  You will be asked to submit an extensive personal history and 3-day food log three days prior to your visit. Dr. Fitz reviews those ahead of time so that your visit can focus on the most important areas of need in greatest detail. In-person visits will include an exam, however, telehealth visits will not. At the end of the visit you will receive an initial treatment plan which will include lab orders, food plan, lifestyle interventions, referrals as needed, and supplement recommendation. All patients will receive a detailed Visit Summary uploaded to their patient portal for future reference.

Lab work may include routine blood work as well as more sophisticated functional medicine tests that evaluate nutritional status, gut microbiome, hormone and hormone metabolism, genetics, toxin and mold exposure, allergy, and food sensitivity testing. Labs are collected at home with self-collection kits, a mobile phlebotomist, or at your local commercial lab.

Most integrative and functional medicine consults require a 1-hour follow up visit to review lab results and fine tune the treatment plan with personalized food recommendations, medical or herbal regimens, supplements, lifestyle interventions. An additional detailed Visit Summary will be uploaded to your patient portal for future reference.

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