Integrative Gynecological Consult

Dr. Fitz will address your gynecological needs holistically and perform a preventive health visit. She can also provide a second opinion offering the integrative and functional medicine approach to your current gyn concern. 1-1.5 hour consultations include:

  • detailed history and physical exam
  • appropriate labs and imaging studies
  • personalized treatment plan including food plan, lifestyle suggestions, herbs, medicines,
  • hormones, and referrals based on your individual goals
  • detailed Visit Summary posted to the patient portal for future reference

Dr. Fitz acts as a consultant and is happy to communicate with your regular women’s health provider. Because her scope of practice is focused on integrative and functional medicine, she advises you to maintain a relationship with a full-scope women’s healthcare provider who can provide emergency care, prenatal care, and surgery if needed.

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