Educational Consult

educational consult

Dr. Bronwyn Fitz offers Health Education Visits for non-local individuals and groups.

Health Education Visits: Many people who live outside of NY, NJ and CT can’t feasibly travel to see Dr. Fitz in person. In this scenario, Dr. Fitz offers education visits via video or phone. Though she cannot create a doctor/patient relationship with individuals located outside of NY, NJ and CT, she can provide education on the integrative or functional medicine approach to any number of health conditions, including diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs that are known to be helpful. She is flexible with her time and has numerous programmatic offerings. Please contact us for details.

Group Education Program: Dr. Fitz is happy to provide an educational presentation based on the topic of your choice. This can be done live or pre-recorded, in person or via video for groups located outside of NY and CT. The style can be lecture based or discussion. She has numerous programmatic offerings. Please contact us through the website if you are interested in having Dr. Fitz lead an educational program for your group.

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