It’s Winter and Influenza outbreaks are widespread throughout the country. For those of you who are trying to avoid the flu or are feeling symptoms coming on, there are herbs that can be helpful. Andrographis, Elderberry, and Eleuthero are all medicinal plants that have anti-viral and immune boosting activity. You can take them as stand alone products or in combination which takes advantage of synergistic effects. To see best results, take as soon as you notice symptoms.

Typically you will see a shortened course of your illness with decreased severity. Andrographis is not recommended for people with peptic ulcer disease or who take anticoagulant medicines. As a treatment dose, take 1000 mg dried herb three times a day. To prevent illness take 300-500mg 2-3 times a day. Elderberry is found as an extract. Adults take 15 ml four times a day and children should take just twice a day. Elderberry can cross react with grass pollen allergy and is not recommended for people on immunosuppressive drugs. Eleuthero 1% standardized extract dose is typically 200-300mg 2-3 times a day.

And don’t forget to get rest, drink lots of fluids, wash your hands and limit contact with others who are sick.