Comprehensive Integrative and Functional Medicine Package

Making significant lifestyle changes is hard. Patients are most successful when they have the support they need. Knowing this, we have partnered with two of the area’s best nutrition and meditation experts to provide a three month, multidisciplinary integrative and functional medicine experience. This full-service package provides a “deep dive” into your current state of health. It can identify the root of what is causing current symptoms or simply optimize your health and ability to thrive in the future.  The package differs from the stand alone Integrative and Functional Medicine Consult because it requires at least a 3-month commitment and includes:

  • 3 Functional and Integrative Medicine Visits with Dr. Bronwyn Fitz
  • 3 Culinary Nutrition visits with Marti Wolfson
  • 3 Private Meditation classes with Cheryl Brause

Patients can expect to have a comprehensive evaluation with ongoing support to help them achieve their goals. After completing an extensive online health history and 3-day food log, patients will meet with Dr. Fitz for their 2-hour initial visit. In-person visits include and exam, while telehealth visits do not. At the end of the visit they will receive a treatment plan which will include lab work, food plan, lifestyle interventions, referrals as needed, and supplement recommendation. All patients receive a detailed Visit Summary uploaded to their patient portal for future reference.

Lab work may include routine blood work as well as more sophisticated functional medicine tests that evaluate nutritional status, gut microbiome, hormone and hormone metabolism, genetics, toxin and mold exposure, allergy, and food sensitivity testing. Labs are collected at home with self-collection kits, a mobile phlebotomist, or at local commercial lab.

Next, patients will meet with Marti Wolfson to learn more about the nutrition aspect of their plan and strategize implementation. Culinary Nutrition consults include goals assessment, comprehensive nutrition and cooking education, personalized food plans, and practical dietary and lifestyle medicine strategies. Visits can be in-person of virtual.

Stress management and mental wellbeing is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. To this end, we offer mindfulness meditation education. Patients will have three 30-minute private sessions with Cheryl Brause to learn how to meditate and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life or deepen their practice if they already have one. Sessions can be in-person at Pause, her Mamaroneck meditation studio, or virtually through video visit.

Following receipt of lab results, patients will have an hour-long visit with Dr. Fitz to discuss and fine tune the treatment plan with personalized food recommendations, medical or herbal regimens, supplements and lifestyle interventions.

Patients will have two more culinary nutrition visits culminating in a long-term food plan. After three months there will be a third visit with Dr. Fitz to evaluate how the patient is doing and finalize a long-term plan. If more visits are recommended, patients will be encouraged to follow up as needed.

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